How is insurance for high net worth individuals different?

Insurance for high net worth individuals can be very different to standard cover. You may have a longstanding relationship with a current insurance provider, but if you have worked hard to develop your wealth throughout your life, the reality is that you may have now outgrown the level of cover standard insurers can provide.

Property insurance for global portfolios

For a start, high net worth individuals are likely to have larger loans and may have debt across a portfolio of properties. They may also own holidays homes across the world, which are insured differently to regular residential properties. High net worth individuals therefore require an insurance broker who has an understanding of how these global property assets differ.

Home contents for high net worth individuals

Insurance for high net worth individuals generally needs to cover a much more extensive range of assets and valuable items. High net worth individuals are likely to have larger mortgages, of course, but even within their homes there is typically a full range of valuable assets that need specific insurance. A home contents insurance policy may not be appropriate for those with collections of antiques, artwork, jewellery and so on.

Other luxury assets

Insurance for high net worth individuals requires specialist assessment; if you have a collection of classic cars, for example, this will need to be looked into carefully to ensure they are properly covered. Some insurers specialise in specific assets, as do some insurance brokers.

Of course, you could approach each of these insurance brokerages individually to arrange specialist cover for the full spectrum of your assets. However, a more convenient option is likely to be using a broker who specialist in insurance for high net worth individuals, such as Enness Global Insurance.

How can Enness Global Insurance assist with insurance for high net worth individuals?

Enness began ten years ago as a high net worth finance brokerage, so our team are well used to providing a bespoke service dealing with our clients’ most valued assets. As such, offering a service which protects these assets was the obvious next step. Enness Global Insurance is now proud to offer a service which can source high quality protection for a global portfolio of assets.