Car insurance for classic cars and performance vehicles

Car insurance is often the first form of insurance many of us will take out in our lives, with drivers as young as seventeen hitting the roads and requiring the appropriate protection. We know our clients transport needs have usually moved on considerably since owning their first car, but the requirement for appropriate levels of cover is always present, no matter how carefully you look after your vehicle.

Classic car insurance

From our conversations with current clients, we know that many of our customers are classic car aficionados. Classic cars are unusual, as motors go, because they often spent much of their time off road. Classic cars insurance therefore needs to account for the possibility of accidental damage, fire, or theft when your car is in storage.

If you are a classic car collector, we can arrange cover for all of your cars under one policy.

Sports car insurance

Sports cars are fast, powerful and typically very high in value. For this reason, the costs can be huge when sports cars are involved in an accident. For example, famous British actor Rowan Atkinson had to make a claim for £910,000 repair bill for his Maclaren racing car. Although he was only minimally hurt, the expense of the car meant that the insurers deliberated extensively between replacing the car altogether and repairing it.

These cars also tend to be fairly conspicuous—and whilst this is part of their appeal, this does mean they are liable to attract attention.

Insurance for unusual vehicles

A niche but important to consider area is insurance for unusual vehicles, whether that’s a vehicle which has been converted in some way, or a car that holds a special value due to its status. Car collectors are typically concerned with ‘provenance’, which is the history of the ownership and experienced related to the vehicle in question. A previous significant owner, such as a celebrity, could have an effect on the cars value – the car might have been featured somewhere significant, such as in a Bond film.

For example, the Pope’s custom Lamborghini Huracán is set to be sold at auction this May – the sale is sure to attract plenty of attention, so the new owner will need to think very carefully indeed about insurance.

How can Enness Global Insurance help?

We work with specialist insurers who have extensive knowledge of the classic and sports car markets. We can arrange everything, from the valuation of your vehicle, to assisting with  claims. If you would like to discuss your motor insurance requirements, please get in touch with our dedicated insurance brokers.