Bespoke insurance cover: 9 unusual facts and figures

If you have a range of assets and unusual personal circumstance, you may need bespoke insurance cover. But if you’re wondering if your asset is too unusual to cover, check out our list of unusual insurance cases and you may be surprised to discover what it’s possible to arrange insurance for.

1. Kicking off the list is a little-known fact about something which has no insurance, despite their huge value: the Crown Jewels. They’re one of the most treasured and recognisable jewellery sets in the world, but interestingly, they’re not protected against loss. The Jewels are considered ‘officially priceless’ and are therefore not insured.

2. This is an unusual example as it would be possible to insure most jewellery. Much more common is how unwilling insurers can be to cover dangerous performers. Jackie Chan claims no insurance company will underwrite his productions because his stunts are deemed to be so dangerous. Chan therefore has pledged personally to pay for anybody who is hurt during production of his films.

3. The most valuable life insurance policy of all time was for $201million, although the identity of the policy holder is unknown. However, many celebrities have gone on record about arranging bespoke insurance cover for the body parts which enable them to do their jobs.

4. ‘Lord of the Dance’ Michael Flatley once insured his legs for $40million. Flatley has been dancing since he was 11 years old, and his famous legs have seen him perform across the world.

5. Gene Simmons, bassist for popular 70s glam metal band Kiss, is well known for his tongue-waggling antics on his stage. His tongue is insured for a cool $1million.

6. Actor Brady White, known as ‘Santa to the Stars’, was the face of Father Christmas at Macy’s department store in New York. Described as one of America’s ‘most sought after Santas’, Brady’s authentic white beard is insured with Lloyds of London.

7. Rowan Atkinson is most famous as the chaotic Mr Bean—but he was out of character when he made this insurance headline. He holds the record for the largest car insurance claim ever recorded in the UK, after crashing his luxury McLaren and landing his insurance company with a bill for £910,000.

8. On that note, in Q2 of 2017, motor insurers paid out £2billion in claims.

9. Finally, the most expensive insurance valuation for a piece of art was for the Mona Lisa. The Guinness World Records reports the famous portrait was once assessed to have a value of US$100million. But this valuation took place in 1962—in today’s money, that would account for nearly $790million.